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Terms and conditions Car4rentBonaire part of JDL Rentals Ltd.

Article 1:

  1. These Terms and conditions are suitable for all contracts made between Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd. and renter.
  2. Changes in the contract(s) are only valid when the are aproved by as well the renter as well as JDL Rentals Ltd. and need to be confirmed in writing.
  3. The contract will be accomplished by a 'photo report' of all the current damages witch are documented in beginning of the rental period. At the end of the rental period this 'photo report' will be used to check if there are new damages to the vehicle. In case of damage(s) this will be risk off renter and the own risk of $500,00,- can be used to fix the occurred damage with a maximum of the own risk. 
  4. Everybody who at minimum has his/her driver license for 36 months and with a calendar age of at least 24 years, can rent a car with Car4rentBonaire- JDL Rentals Ltd. The rental insurance comes with an own risk of $500,00,-.
  5. The word car means in this terms and conditions the rental car, pick-up truck or bus and every other vehicle witch is rented via Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd. For this it also means all accessories as wheels, spare wheel, tools to replace tire, flormatts, dive racks, child seats etc. 
  6. Used fuel during the rental period are responsibility and costs of the renter. the quantity of fuel in beginning of the rental period must be equal at the end of the rental period. For every missing 1/4 tank we will charge $45.00. 
  7. There is no milage policy on the rental agreement. The renter can take the car for unlimited milage during the rental agreement. 
  8. In case the renter lost or break a normal or electronic key during the rental period, this wil be charged and the costs for replacement are nor the renter.
    Article 2.
  1. Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd doesn't have office hours and is 24 hours a day available, 7 days a week. The rental car can be free of charge delivered at the airport or contained at the office. When the rental car needs to be delivered at a other adres chosen by renter, there will be charged $25,- dollars as well as for the delivering of the car as for the containing of the car.
  2. The rental car needs to be in the same condition as started the rental period. Damages that weren't on the rental agreement will be charged with renter, with a maximum of the own risk of $500,-
  3. In case that the car isn't brought back on the time that is agreed in the rental agreement and the renter didn't let Car4rentBonaire- JDL Rentals Ltd. know about this in writing, the insurance is not valid anymore and renter is responsible for all damages that weren't on the rental car. Car4rentBonaire- JDL rentals Ltd beholds the right to take custody of the rental car in case needed. Also there will be additional costs of not returning the car in time, the fine of bringing back the rental car to late will be $100.00,- per day and will be charged to the renter. 

Article 3.

  1. A reservation with Car4rentBonaire-  JDL Rentals Ltd. can be freely cancelled within 14 before the rental period. When the period of cancellation is within 14 days, 50% of the total reservation will be charged with the renter. When the renter in whatever reason cancels the rental car or doesn't come to pick up the rental car without letting Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd. know in writing about this, 100% of the rental agreement will be charged. 
    With agreement of both the renter as Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd. it is possible to change the rental agreement without any costs. 

Article 4.

  1. All rental cars are officially insured for being rented out. 
  2. Insurance: The own risk is $500.00 dollars for all damages to the rental vehicle caused by accident where renter is guilty or where 3th party is unknown. The renter is fully responsible for all damages tot $500.00,- when the damage is more than $500.00,-, renter can nog be responsible for amounts above $500.00,-

 Article 5.

  1. The rental car can only be driven by the renter or drivers who are written on the rental agreement. When the someone else than written on rental agreement is driving the rental car, there is no insurance valid. 
  2. Every accident needs to be directly reported with the Bonaire Security force (+599-9292/+599-7010737) as also with Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd. (+599-7018571). In case renter doesn't contact these party's, there is no valid insurance and renter is fully responsible for all the damages occurred.
  3. JDL Rentals beholds the right to replace a rental car, witch has any problem, with any other type of vehicle for the time of reparation.
  4. Drivers of the rental car are aged 24 years by minimum. 
  5. It is not aloud to be under influence of alcohol and/or drugs when driving or moving the rental car. When driver of the rental car is under influence of alcohol or drugs, the renter is fully responsible of all damages that occur to the rental car, there is no insurance valid when this is the case. 
  6. When the driver license of the renter during the rental period is not valid, there is also no coverage of the insurance and renter is fully responsible for all damages the may occur. It is the responsibility of renter to show a valid driver license before starting the rental period. 
  7. Renter is fully responsible for all traffic violations and/or parking fines. 
  8. When the renter leaves the rental car, he/she needs to take the keys with him/her. In case that the rental car is stolen, the renter need to have the keys of the rental car with him/her. When renter can not show the keys there is no coverage from the insurance and renter is fully responsible for all costs resulting. 
  9. In case when the car needs to be towed in other reason than car breakdown, costs are for the renter. 
  10. The rental car may not be sublet and can't be used to tow or push a other vehicle. 
  11. It is nog aloud to move more people in the rental car than seats that are available in the rental car. In this case there is no covering by the insurance and renter is fully responsible for all damages to people and rental car. 
  12. The costs in case of a flat tire are for renter. When the car has a flat tire at the end of the rental period, $30,- dollars will be charged per tire. A flat tire immediately needs to be changed. When there is damage because the renter didn't changed the flat tire, all costs for damage are responsibility of renter. 
  13. The renter can not take part of any form of racing with the rental car or activities like racing. In this case the renter is not insured and fully responsible for all damages occurred by racing or not obeying the traffic rules. 
  14. On the website there is a clear description of all possibilities aloud with specific rental car. Renter needs to obey these descriptions. When this is not the case, renter is fully responsible for all damages. 
  15. In the rental car it is not aloud to smoke. If this is detected, all cleaning costs or damages are costs for the renter. 
  16. HB Roadservice is not available in the National Park, therefore is entering the National Park Washington Slagbaai with a Pickup of Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd. for own risk of the renter. When road service is needed in the National Park Washington Slagbaai, Car4rentBonaire- JDL Rentals Ltd. is not responsible. All costs and risk to get the car or Pickup truck back to location of Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd. are charged and responsibility of the renter. 

Article 6:

Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd.  is not in any way responsible for loss, theft or damage to all objects people involved with the rental car during the rental period. 

Article 7:

When the renter uses the car to break the law or when Car4rentBonaire - JDL rentals Ltd. is in a way mislead by renter, that if Car4rentBonaire - JDL rentals Ltd. has known this, Car4rentBonaire - JDL rentals Ltd. didn't rent out the rental car to renter, there is no coverage by insurance and renter is fully responsible for all damages. 

Article 8:

Renter needs to fulfill all costs owed to Car4rentBonaire - JDL Rentals Ltd. before leaving Bonaire. When this is not the case there will be charged 25% (over the total value of the rental agreement) administration costs an any legal costs will be charged to renter. 

Article 9:

When a reservation is confirmed, the reservation van only be changed with written approval of both parties. If the reservation is being canceled within 14 days prior to the starting date of the rental period, there will be no charges. 

Article 10:

If there is 1 article or more is not right in these terms and conditions, the rest still stays valid. 

Als er 1 of meerdere onderdelen van deze algemene voorwaarden niet kloppen, dan blijven alle andere onderdelen nog steeds geldig.

Article 11:

De Caribisch Nederlandse law is applicable on the rental agreement and terms and conditions.



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